Master O-Phase

The International Office of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science is in charge of welcoming and introducing new master and international students to our faculty. They offer a Welcome Day / an Introductory Video, provide you with useful information and run a Buddy Programme where every new student gets assigned a person already familiar with life and studying in Göttingen. You can find all information on that on their website.

For Mathematics:

Additionally to the Welcome Day there will be an Orientation Week for all Math (M.Sc.) students, starting on Tuesday 18th October 2023, 14 o’clock at the Mathematical Institute, Bunsenstraße 3-5.

For Computer Science:

For Data Science:
For students, who start studying Applied Data Science (M.Sc.) in winter semester 2022/2023, there is a whatsapp group: Applied Data Science – Whatsapp and an orientation week from 17 to 21 October 2022. All further information will follow here on this website. So stay tuned!

Timetable for the Data Science Orientation Week

The Cityrallye will start 15:0 infront of the Z-Mensa

The Informationevent is 14:00 in VG 3.107

Flunkyball will be in the Physicsgarden

The Gamenights will be in the Provisorium

if you have any questions just ask in the whatsapp group

All events start on the hour, not quarter past (s.t. not c.t.).

The orientation week will start right after the precourse. Some tutors will be there and pick you up.

Very helpful for finding certain rooms is the campus map. You can search for any room. If there are multiple rooms with the same name, you need to know the building. In addition to room search, there are features like displaying of bus stops and IT infrastructure.

Covid-19 regulations

Probably none of us would like to be ill and miss the first lecture week. Therefore, we try to minimise – while still having fun – the probability to get infected with covid-19. Hence, it is necessary to bring a negative test result for all indoor events (one per day is enough). There are many testing opportunities free of charge, e.g. the campus covid screen (you have to register for that: Campus-Covid-Screen – Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (
Also, if you feel ill, we would appreciate if you stayed home and recovered.

Despite level 0 of the university’s Covid-19 3-level system, due to the current high incidence of infection, all people are required to wear face masks (either a medical or an FFP2 mask) in all University buildings at all times from 1 April to 30 April 2022. So, don’t forget a mask!

Information on some of the events:

BBQ, Flunkyball & Spikeball:

We provide drinks for the Flunkyball and some basics for the BBQ. You bring everything you want to grill and drink apart from playing Flunkyball. After the city rallye there is some time, there is enough time to go together to the supermarket, so you don’t need to bring anything to the Welcome event.


If you have already got your student ID card (a blue or a white card), then it would be awesome if you brought it with you. We would like to show you how to top up your card with money to be able to pay in the Mensa (in case you don’t have your card yet, we’ll find a way you can have lunch, too). For topping up you need a EC card or a credit card.

Kiosk crawl:

In several kiosks you can buy different drinks (and whatever you like). To carry some drinks it might be useful to have a bag. Especially, we are walking from the city centre to the North campus. A supply of drinks can be heavy 😉

House party:

If you want to drink any other alcoholic drinks than beer, it is up to you to bring what you’d like to drink.


We provide bread rolls and butter. Everything you’d like to eat with your bread rolls, you have to bring yourself. Of course, it is possible to ask your fellow students whether you can try some of their cold cuts.

Other issues or questions?

In case participating for you seems to be challenging due to disabilities or other limitations, feel free to contact and we will do our best to make sure you can take part, too.

If you have any questions regarding the orientation week, please contact or join the DS Master -Telegram group and ask your questions (someone in there is able to help you).


last updated: 12 April 2022