Masters Welcome Day

This year the first Welcome Day for Master Students in our Falculty will take place.

The most important information can be found in the INVITATION.


What is the Welcome Day?

The Welcome Day is a programm organizied by the Student Representatives of this Faculty.  Over the last years we had a lot of students coming to Göttingen from different places in Germany and other countries. We would like to take up this opportunity and give all of you the chance to get to know each other and the city you will be studying in.

When will the Welcome Day take place?

As many international students arrive at differents time here in Göttingen, we have organized two dates for the Welcome Day Programm:

  1. Friday, 17.10.2014 at 3.30 PM
  2. Friday, 31.10.2014 at 3.30 PM

Both days will take place in the Maximum of the Mathematical Institute.

We have prepared the following program for you:

  • 03.30 PM : Official Welcome by the Dean and the Student Counselling Team
  • 04.00 PM: Welcome & Introduction by the Student Representatives
  • 04.30 PM: Introduction to Courses & Administrative Tools
  • 05.00 PM: Guided Tour through the Faculty
  • 06.00 PM: Social Event
All Students are of course invited to both Social Events. The Social Events will take play in the Sausalitos Göttingen.
If you have any question, feel free to contact us via